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EDU 688 – Capstone Project Abstract


This Capstone project explores the development of a new blended curriculum for the visual arts program at Newtown Middle School. Currently students attend the visual arts once a week due to various limitations like scheduling. The development and implementation of a blended visual arts curriculum stands to provide the students with more learning opportunities to further enrich their art experience through the use of technology, cross-curricular connections, and traditional art processes. The articles researched for this project clearly articulate the need for arts programs and increased time in the arts in public schools, because they not only provide students with a creative outlet, they help students develop skills essential to other areas of academics and life (President’s Committee, 2011, p. 2) The Capstone project will explore a viable solution for the following question: How can the current arts curriculum at Newtown Middle School be redesigned using a hybrid/blended model to accommodate the increased need for technology and cross-curricular connections while still maintaining its strong connection and focus on the artistic and creative processes, without significantly impacting the district’s budget or the schools’ current student schedule? When the proposed curriculum is accepted and implemented at Newtown Middle School, student work and other resources will be collected and analyzed to determine the success of the curriculum. The hope is that it will impact arts education in a positive way, and provide our current and future students with art programs that are current, relevant, challenging, and enriching.