Digitally Mediated Project

The Project: Online Portfolios

Project Description

How do you ‘sell’ yourself to a job you really want? Some do, through a resume or a binder full of examples. But, what about a digital portfolio? One that can be accessed time and time again for review and updates! This digitally mediated project will enable the Advanced Digital Design students at Nonnewaug High School, to promote their talents, skills and creative work to any future academic or career professional. The students will:

  • Design an online portfolio that represents their visual aesthetic while displaying and explaining their best work
  • The content displayed within the portfolio will maintain a professional disposition and will reflect the students’ future academic and career goals.
  • The individual students will share their portfolio with professionals related to their academic and career goals, to receive feedback.

The 3-5 year goal for this project, will eventually encompass all students in attendance at Nonnewaug High School. Their final online portfolio will have followed them through four years of school, and contain all of the necessary documents and files to successfully ‘sell’ themselves to any job they really want. It will become their final capstone project for their senior year. The students will have full autonomy over their professional portfolio.

The immediate goals for this project include:

  • The students will write, discuss and critique the portfolio and online content with related terminology and focus on desired outcomes based on individual future college and career goals.
  • The students will become self advocates for their own work, and will be able to positively and effectively communicate their strengths, skills and talents through a digital professional portfolio.

To view the whole project, that outlines the project, the associated learning theories, technology, assessment and evaluation. EDU520 Mini Paper final

Useful Resources for Making a Digital Portfolio

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


-Leigh Anne, K12Create


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