EDU 623



Professional Development for Teachers on Google Apps for Education


The rapidly changing school climates, cultures and policies in conjunction with the never-ending growth of technology, are changing the definition of a traditional classroom. Google Apps, like document creation and sharing, group discussions, calendars, and email serve as a catalyst for expanding the walls of the traditional classroom, which in turn provide numerous opportunities for students to further extend their learning. New educational policies and standards which have been put in place have a large emphasis on 21st century learner skills, and collaboration between peers. Additionally, the current and future job industry has a high demand for creative thinkers and problem solvers. Technologies like Google Apps for Education help to streamline content to make learning, collaboration and creation easily accessible and centralized. These Apps help the teacher and students engage in the content in a way that is more current and relevant to the students’ lives. To ensure that the teachers are using the Apps to their fullest potential, and to ensure that the Apps are not hindering from the learning process, training is necessary. As with all habitual practices, they are developed overtime. This initial training will provide all staff a chance to experience the Apps in a relevant way, and give them a chance to figure out which ones fit best in their content areas. As the teachers begin to integrate the Apps into their daily lessons with confidence, the need for ongoing support and advanced training will be essential to maintaining a high level of engagement in the classroom.

Click on this Coles_Final_Project_Combined to read the paper and view the storyboards.

Below are some links from the training, take a look at them.


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